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Residential/Misc. Permits

All Permits are in PDF format and may be downloaded and printed. You will need ADOBE READER installed on your computer in order for your computer to download the permits. If you do not have the latest version, you may download it free from the ADOBE web site.

This image after a Permit designates that the form may be filled in using your own computer. The file is in PDF format. It CANNOT be saved to your computer or submitted electronically so you will need to print out the form after you have filled in all the fields. To help you fill in the form, after the file loads (in ADOBE READER), click “Highlight Fields” in the upper right corner of the page. (Note: This will not appear if the form has 3 or less fields to fill in.)

Home Improvement & Yard Sales

Yes, you do need permits for: decks, sheds, fences, patios, pools (even the seasonal-type), gazebos, etc. Some of these projects also require plans and inspections for code compliance.

Items 200 square feet to 999 square feet will need a minor stormwater review (additional $150 review fee) and items that are greater than 1,000 square feet and all new homes will need a major stormwater review (additional $350 review fee). The Township Engineer may require you to account for added stormwater.
Please contact the township office for assistance.
Stormwater Management Guide

Yard/garage/moving/craft sales must have a permit, which can be obtained at the township office for a $5.00 fee. Each permit is good for a 3-day sale (consecutive days) and you may hold 2 sales per the calendar year.  These permits can usually be done upon request.

Permits for pools, fences, sheds, decks, additions, accessory buildings, and carports must be obtained from the township office. These permits are generally issued within a two-week timeframe. If you live on a state highway, driveway permits may be secured from PennDOT by contacting the Susquehanna Trail office at 848-6230. Township road occupancy applications may be obtained at the township building during office hours. Permits are required for resurfacing existing driveways as well as installation of new ones.

There are many regulations governing the issuance of permits from setback requirements to road specifications. Many of these regulations change depending on the zoning district of the property. Many problems may be prevented by a simple phone call to the township. The personnel are available to answer questions or direct calls to the proper authorities. Phone 266-6735 during regular working hours of 8 A.M. to 4 P.M., Monday through Friday.

For expanding/extending your existing driveway, creating a new driveway, overlaying your existing driveway, and/or doing work within the right-of-way (such as if your contractor is going to tie into the roadway, even with an overlay you will need this permit). Residential lots are only permitted to have one driveway, although there is an exemption. Please see the attached ordinance to the application. Please remember that new additional surface, 200sq/ft or bigger, will need a Storm water review and you may be required to do stormwater management for your additional driveway. *** Please note that if you are building a new house, you do not need to fill this application out. You may include the driveway information and plans with the new construction submittal.***

  • Yard Sale Application– You must obtain a yard sale permit prior to a yard/garage/craft sale.  The cost for a yard sale permit is $5.00 and it is good for a 3-day sale. (consecutive days)  You may hold 2 sales per calendar year.A courtesy notice can be placed on the website calendar for your sale.