Leaf Collection will begin October 31st, weather permitting.

East Manchester Township York, Pennsylvania

5080 North Sherman St Ext.
Mount Wolf, PA 17347
Phone: 717-266-4279 | Fax: 717-266-0429
Hours: Mon - Fri (8am - 4pm)



Download 2022 Fee Schedule

  • attorney fees for collection of accounts
  • building permit and miscellaneous fees
  • highway permit fees (driveway, utility Cuts)
  • sewage enforcement
  • officer fees
  • special meeting fees
  • stormwater management
  • inspection fees subdivision
  • land development fees
  • tax collector fees

Commonwealth Code Inspection Service (CCIS)

The below fees are NOT current. We are keeping them on this site for estimate purposes. You may call CCIS at 717-846-2004 for current fees. Thank you.

Commercial Building Code
Residential Building Code