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Commercial & Industrial Permits

Commercial/Business & Industrial Permits

Change of Use and Occupancy – ALL BUSINESSES entering into a new space. When the use or occupancy of a structure is being changed, this form should be filled out. Attached to this form should be three sets of drawings with the dimensions of the space, where each room is, and the use of each room (ex: bathroom, office, etc…). You may not start your operation/business until all inspections are complete and your certificate of use and occupancy has been issued by the Township.

Business Registration Form – This needs to be filled out by ALL BUSINESSES, even if they were an existing business within the Township or anywhere, we need a new one every time they are occupying a new space.

Commercial Building Permit Application – This is for all Commercial properties that are making alterations, repairs, additions, and new construction. You must fill this application out and attach three sets of stamped plans including specs of construction, electrical, plumbing and mechanical and a bird’s eye view with all dimensions, Certificate of Liability must be submitted with this application to East Manchester Township. Please remember, you need a land development plan for new impervious surface. New buildings will need Driveway/Road Occupancy Permit. (See below)

Commercial Occupancy Sign-Off Form – This is for New Construction permittees that are seeking their Certificate of Use and Occupancy for a new building, whether Temporary or Final. It is up to the discretion of the Township if they would allow Temporary Occupancy. You need a Certificate from the Township before operation of the business begins. Inquire with the Zoning Officer.

Demolition Application

Driveway Application– For expanding/extending your existing driveway, creating a new driveway, replacing your driveway, or overlaying your existing driveway.

Dumpster/Job Trailer Permit Application

Food Truck or Like Events – Procedure and Application

Highway Occupancy Permit– Needed for when you’re doing work within the right-of-way on a township road.  You need to fill out the below agreement with this application.

Sign Application

This should be filled out by all businesses that are placing signs on the exterior of the property. Even if it was an existing permanent sign that you are moving to another location or somewhere else on the property. See below, for information or which sign you are installing/placing.

Temporary Signs:

  • The sign charts on East Manchester Township Codified Ordinance must be followed as well as section 255-62-66
    1. Sign Code
    2. Temporary Sign Chart
  • Sign Application
    1. With this application for Temporary signs, you will need one set of plans showing the location of the sign, dimensions, colors/appearance, and size.
  • Note: For temporary business signs, more than likely you will follow the T-6 sign type on the sign chart. Please show that you are meeting the requirements listed for that sign type in your submission. Thank you.

Permanent Signs:

  • You will follow the code per 255-62-66 still and Chart A
    1. Sign Code
    2. Permanent Sign Chart
  • Fill out both of these applications:
    1. Commercial Building Application
    2. Sign Application
      • You will need three sets of stamped plans accompanying the applications from a design professional showing the location of the sign, dimensions, colors/appearance, size, footers, and the construction of it (them).
      • Also, I will want to know the location of existing signs.
      • You will also need a certificate of liability for the contractor doing the work for the signs.

Stormwater Management

Stormwater Management Guide

All Permits are in PDF format and may be downloaded and printed. You will need ADOBE READER installed on your computer in order for your computer to download the permits. If you do not have the latest version, you may download it free from the ADOBE web site.