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Public Works

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Public Works Information:

Leaf CollectionLimb TrimmingStreet SweepingSnow Removal
-> Plowing
-> Sidewalk/Driveways
-> Mailbox
->Priority Streets
-> Secondary Streets

Leaf Collection

East Manchester Township will continue curbside leaf collection service this year. Leaf pick up will begin November 2nd and end December 11th, 2020 (dates vary every year).



 Rake your leaves out as soon as possible. Due to unknown weather conditions it is impossible to schedule specific days. Our crew will continue moving throughout the township until the last day of pickup.

Place leaves curbside in long narrow piles for easier pick-up.

The best way to handle leaves is to compost them, then use for landscaping and gardening. If composting is not an option, leaves can be raked to the curb for pick-up.

Limb Trimming

Trees & Branches – Property owners are responsible for removing, trimming, cutting, or otherwise rectifying trees, bushes, and shrubs on their property which overhang a sidewalk or right of way creating a hazard, obstruction or sight problem. Trees not maintained may be trimmed or removed by the Public Works Department to keep highways and sidewalks clear and safe.

Street Sweeping

Street sweeping is generally planned for the Spring Season.  We start with the priority roads, then secondary and continue working toward development streets.  Traffic barrels with street sweeping/no parking signs will be placed at development entrances at least a day before starting, watch for these and do not park on the street. You may sweep your curb and sidewalk dirt into the street once the barrels are placed.  Please be patient, weather and machinery will interfere with the schedule.

Snow Removal



East Manchester Township recognizes the importance of snow removal, not only to residents but also to everyone who needs to travel to or through our community. The township utilizes a “Snow Management Plan” to safely clear Township Streets quickly and efficiently. Plow crews are linked via two-way radios and cell phones to assist police, fire, and ambulance during emergency situations. Based on traffic flow, streets are divided into priority (main collector streets), secondary (residential and business developments), rural (low volume and stone roads) and cul-de-sacs.

Note: State Roads are NOT plowed by East Manchester Township.

Our goal is to clear all streets within 18-24 hours after snow has stopped falling. 

This Plan, with your cooperation, will ensure the best use of time, township resources, equipment, and manpower during snow removal and emergencies. This publication is designed to detail the Plan and its regulations, and guide residents and businesses during winter storm operations.

Snow Plowing

  • Please be patient. Salting/anti-skid mix is applied to streets within 3-4 hours after roads become slippery. If you can, wait for this application before you travel. Trucks begin with Priority streets then move to Secondary streets.
  • The Public Works Department begins plowing when it is determined that at least 2 inches of snow can be measured on the roads. Plows are ineffective in smaller amounts of snow.
  • With the start of plowing, the Township Manager, Chief of Police or Public Works Director can declare a Snow Emergency.
  • During a Snow Emergency, do not park on streets until the snow is removed.
  • The Public Works Department plows approximately 100 streets.
  • Priority is to clear Priority roads. This work usually takes 6-8 hours after snow stops falling. Crews begin plowing secondary roads after clearing all priority roads. These roads are usually cleared 12-16 hours after snow stops falling. Crews then move to rural roads and cul-de-sacs.
  • During longer, severe storms every effort will be made to keep all roads open during the storm. Plowing of Priority roads may have to continue to keep these streets open. Deep snow may require multiple passes.
  • Crews are instructed to rotate the starting point of secondary roads each storm.
  • Operators attempt to clear all streets to curb or edge of the pavement.

Sidewalk and Driveway Clearing

  • Plowing, blowing, or shoveling snow onto township streets is strictly prohibited. If you pile snow on the street beside your driveway entrance the passing plow will simply deposit the snow back into your entrance. Plow or blow the snow into/onto your property, this will reduce the amount the plow pushes into your entrance.
  • Sidewalks – sidewalks must be cleared within 24 hours after snow stops falling. Do not pile snow between the street and sidewalk, it could be pushed back on the walk by the passing plow.
  • Parking Lot Clearing – Dumping snow or ice onto Township Street, Sidewalk, or Public Property, plowing snow across public streets, is strictly prohibited.

Mailbox Policy

  • Mailbox Damage Policy
  • Mailbox Damage Claim Form
  • Operators attempt to plow to the edge of the pavement, please keep your box beyond the edge or curb.
  • Heavy snow rolling off the plow can sometimes damage boxes. Damage due to pushed snow will not be repaired. A good, strong mailbox or a mailbox designed for heavy snow (cantilever post), usually withstand the storm.
  • Operators do not clear snow for mail delivery, it is too time-consuming.
  • The Township is not responsible for mailboxes on State Roads. The Township does not plow State Roads.

Priority Streets

The following list includes all streets designated as priority streets. 

  • Bartlett Drive
  • Board Road
  • Beshore School Road
  • Brickyard Road
  • Canal Road
  • Chestnut Street Extended
  • Dellinger Road
  • Espresso Lane
  • Gravel Hill Road
  • Hillview Drive
  • Jerusalem School Road
  • Loucks Street
  • Manchester Street
  • Meeting House Road
  • Mundis Race Road
  • Park Street
  • Riverview Drive
  • Second Street
  • Steamboat Blvd
  • Sunset Drive
  • Willow Springs Lane
  • York Street

Secondary Streets 

(Listed Alphabetical by Development Name. Bold are also Priority Streets)

  • Asbury – Riverview Dr, Abbey Dr, Asbury Ct, Devonshire Ct, Burberry Ln, N Burberry Ln, Canterbury Dr, Coventry Cross Rd, Westminster Ct
  • Brylea – Brylea Dr
  • Catalina – Catalina Dr
  • Conewago Creek Area – Park St, Hill St, Old School Ln, Creek Bottom Rd, Griffith Ln North, Griffith Ln South, Sweitzer Ct, Finks Dr
  • Chestnut Valley – Board Rd, Chestnut St, Pebble Beach Dr, Torrey Pines Dr, Riviera St, Lynne Dr, Payne Dr, Austin Dr, Cog Hill Way
  • Dauberton – Forge Hill Rd, Boxwood Rd, Dogwood Ct, Dogwood Ln, Holly Ct, Poplar St, Poplar Ct South, Juniper Ct, Spruce Ct
  • Morningstar Hts – Don Rene Rd, Bonita Dr, Horseshoe Bend Rd
  • Forge Hill – Dellinger Rd, Dellinger Farm Ct, Forge Hill Ct
  • Greenfield & Greenwood – Beshore School Rd, Evergreen Terrace, Fern Dr, Greenfield Ln, Greenfield St, Hazel Dr, Hickory Dr, Ivy Dr, Locust Ct, Emerald Ct
  • Kennington – Board Rd, Steffie Dr, Becky Ln, Lynne Dr
  • Northern Heights – Brendon Mews, Bryn Way, Ryan Ln
  • Orchard Business Park – Willow Springs Ln, Bartlett Dr, Espresso Way, JCI Way
  • Orchard View – Fig Tree Way, Crabapple Ct, Beechwood Dr
  • Rolling Meadows – Auction Dr, Spring Meadows Rd, Coriander Ln, Rentzel Dr, Wagon Way, Village Rd, Hollyhock Dr
  • The Oaks – Oak Dr, Acorn Dr, Brook Dr
  • Sherman Oaks – Apple Tree Ln, Beechtree Ln, Bitternut Rd, Hackberry Dr, Laurel, Dr, Olde Hickory Rd, Silver Maple Ct, Sweet Gum Ct
  • Poplar Estates – Poplar Ln
  • Saginaw – York St, King St, Locust St, Second St, Fourth St, Fifth St, Paw Paw Ave, Woodland Ln
  • Smith Gardens – Sunset Dr, Loucks St, Corriedale Dr, Cottage Dr, Devco Dr, Lincoln Place, Merino Dr, Orchardview Dr, Rosedale Dr

Rural Roads – Bear Rd, Blossom Dr, Gut Rd, Shady Ln

State Roads that are not plowed by East Manchester Township:
George St/181, Zions View Rd, Sherman St/24, Wago Rd, Saginaw Rd, Market St, Codorus Furnace Rd, Mt Hebron Rd, Board Rd (between Manchester Borough and Church Road), Starview Rd, Conewago Creek Rd, Canal Rd/921, Locust Point Rd, Long Rd

PennDOT does not fix mailboxes. 
They offer a "Radio Room" to call into for winter concerns (such as your road has not been plowed) at 717-718-6997.
They also have a website to check road conditions at www.511pa.com OR you can call 511.

East Manchester Township Road Map

To download this information in PDF format in order to print it, CLICK HERE.