**BURN BAN EFFECTIVE MARCH 16, 2023 UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE****In search of Emergency Management Coordinator**

East Manchester Township York, Pennsylvania

5080 North Sherman St Ext.
Mount Wolf, PA 17347
Phone: 717-266-4279 | Fax: 717-266-0429
Hours: Mon - Fri (8am - 4pm)

York County Hazard Mitigation Update

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Hazard Mitigation, HazMit, is action taken to reduce harm before a disaster.  HazMit saves lives, property, and money.

As the York County Planning Commission updates its HazMit Plan in 2023, we need to hear from municipal leaders, local organizations, and residents throughout York County.  High participation and community awareness means your community is better prepared for the next emergency.

All 72 municipalities in York county are required to participate in updating our HazMit Plan or risk losing opportunities for federal and state funding related to hazard mitigation.

The road improvement at the Locust Point/Canal Rd Ext/Zions View area are coming to a near end coming soon by the end of April 2023. A permanent signal light will be placed at the intersections of Zions View Road, Locust Point Road and Canal Road. Zions View Road is now open to two-lane traffic and will remain open. This project is permitted by PennDOT since they are state roads. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

Additionally, turn arounds are provided for the school buses both near the proposed pump station on Canal Road Ext. and before the bridge in Conewago Township.

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At this time East Manchester Township with intent to be in joint operations with Manchester Borough and Mount Wolf Borough is in search of an Emergency Management Coordinator to graciously volunteer their time and fill the position of EMA Coordinator.

The Northeastern Municipal Area Emergency Management Agency is formed with a group of citizens from East Manchester Township, Manchester Borough and Mt. Wolf Borough who volunteer their time and services to assist professional agencies during an emergency or in a crisis. They are the “customer service” telephone operators that work “behind the scenes” coordinating communication between agencies, assisting in getting the needs to the workers, which may range from fulfilling the needs of getting food and drink to emergency personnel during a lengthy call out or calling to arrange for specialized equipment and supplies needed on site.

If you are interested in assisting with this volunteer service, please contact Township Manager, Kristie Masemer, at 717-266-4279.