**Office Staff is located in the trailer located on the North Side of the parking lot until approximately October 2024.**

East Manchester Township York, Pennsylvania

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Highlights of 2023

  • Abandoned Shady Lane – The Township, after much consideration and supporting evidence from staff and the public, has effectively abandoned Shady Lane due to tractor trailers daily attempts at passage regardless of signage, which was jeopardizing a Historic bridge and surrounding property. Shady Lane is now private and will be gated by the owner to prevent through traffic.
  • Widened and Paved Blossom Drive – Previously Blossom Drive was a very narrow tar and chip road. It now is wide enough for two lanes and has been repaved.
  • Portion of Riverview was Paved – Previously Riverview was very uneven and was repaved to level the road.
  • New Ambulance Service – WellSpan EMS bought-out Northeastern EMS. The Township was not involved as EMS is a separate entity. However, the EMS service has since improved from this transaction within East Manchester Township.
  • Taxes Not being Raised – The Board has adopted a budget for 2024 that does not include raising taxes. Taxes have not been raised in over 20 years.
  • Active Duty Military Tax Exemptions – The Board approved, going forward, exoneration to Active Duty Military outside of a 100 mile radius of East Manchester Township from the per capita tax with Military Orders presented and approved by the elected tax collector.
  • New Equipment – A Chipper was purchased and is used for limb trimming on Township roadways. Previously, the Township was sharing a very old chipper with other municipalities that would break down frequently. A Peterbilt single axel dump-truck was purchased in 2021, but arrived in 2023 to replace a 1998 Dump-truck.
  • Leaves Collected – The Township Public Works Department collected and disposed of 772 cubic yards from the Township Residents.
  • EMT Phase I Building Project – The Township Public Works Department went through a remodel, addition, and upgrades to provide for much needed storage.
  • New Traffic Signal – The Township required an Industrial Developer as a part of their new construction project to improve the state roads and install a traffic signal at Zions View Rd/Canal Rd/Locust Point Rd. This is a part of a greater project still to continue named Canal Road Betterment Project. This project when complete will effectively make Canal Rd. a legal truck route from East Manchester Township to the Susquehanna Trail.
  • Intermunicipal Traffic Signal and Street Light Maintenance and Repair Agreement – The Township entered into a joint agreement with a significant amount of municipalities within York County in order to keep traffic signal/street lights maintenance, repair costs down, and on a bidding cycle.
  • Adopted Portions of Village, Hollyhock & Blaine as Public Roads – These roads are now complete with paving, speed limits (25 mph) and stop signs and will be maintained by East Manchester Township going forward, which completes the roads within Rolling Meadows Residential Development.
  • Created Northeastern York County Emergency Management Agency (NEYCEMA) and appointed Michael Fischer as Emergency Management Coordinator (EMC) – The Township lead the disbandment from the Northeastern Area EMA that included East Manchester Township (EMT), Conewago Township, Mount Wolf Borough, and Manchester Borough. EMT then proceeded to lead the creation of the NEYCEMA (East Manchester Township, Mount Wolf Borough, and Manchester Borough) and facilitate the review and approval of the new EMC, Michael Fischer. Michael Fischer is well decorated with certifications that directly relate to the EMC position as well as an extraordinary background with experience in emergency management.
  • Comcast Franchise Agreement – This agreement was finalized and is a joint agreement with several municipalities in order to keep Comcast fees down for the public residing in those areas.