York County enacted a BURN BAN beginning Thursday, Sept. 21, 2023 and will be re-considered on Oct. 12, 2023 on if it should be extended or not.

East Manchester Township York, Pennsylvania

5080 North Sherman St Ext.
Mount Wolf, PA 17347
Phone: 717-266-4279 | Fax: 717-266-0429
Hours: Mon - Fri (8am - 4pm)

2023 Halloween Night

Trick or Treating night is October 31st, 2023 between 6 pm. and 8pm in East Manchester Twp, Manchester Borough, and Mt. Wolf Borough. Thank you.

Steven H. Gross Jr. passed away unexpectantly at the young age of 55 years old while serving as Chairman on the Board of Supervisors, Jan. 2000 РSept. 2023; and Ag Security Committee, Jan 2014 РSept. 2023. He previously served on Zoning Hearing Board, Jan 1997 Р1999. He meant a lot to the community and contributed thousands of hours to public service for the Township. This has been a shock to our staff, and we are working through the grief. He will be greatly missed. The Township is offering their support to the Gross Family in their period of mourning.

The Township will continue to conduct business as usual, and the next board meeting will be held as scheduled, September 12, 2023 at 7pm. Thank you.

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Hazard Mitigation, HazMit, is action taken to reduce harm before a disaster.  HazMit saves lives, property, and money.

As the York County Planning Commission updates its HazMit Plan in 2023, we need to hear from municipal leaders, local organizations, and residents throughout York County.  High participation and community awareness means your community is better prepared for the next emergency.

All 72 municipalities in York county are required to participate in updating our HazMit Plan or risk losing opportunities for federal and state funding related to hazard mitigation.