Hiring Full Time Driver/Laborer for our Public Works Crew. See the Homepage for more information. Thank you.

East Manchester Township York, Pennsylvania

5080 North Sherman St Ext.
Mount Wolf, PA 17347
Phone: 717-266-4279 | Fax: 717-266-0429
Hours: Mon - Fri (8am - 4pm)

Seeking One Planning Commission Alternate Member

East Manchester Township Board of Supervisor’s are seeking one more Alternate Planning Commission member to attend as needed evening meetings. The alternate member should have general knowledge of the Township and adjoining municipalities. The Planning Commission does have an appointed engineering firm as an advisor and therefore the member’s are not required to have engineering experience, though it is very helpful. The scheduled Planning Commission meetings are the forth Tuesday of the month at 7pm here at the Township Building except for months with interfering holidays. You may view our planning commission page to see the scheduled dates. If interested or would like to know more, please contact the Township Manager, Kristie Masemer, at 717-266-4279 or email at emantwp@emanchestertwp.com Thank you.

Please contact the Township Office for the 2022 Municipal Waste Bid Specifications if interested in bidding for the Township Contract at emantwp@emanchestertwp.com or call at 717-266-4279 for the Township Manager, Kristie Masemer. Thank you.

Dear York Water Customer,
The York Water Company is pleased to report that exhaustive testing in accordance with EPA and PA DEP guidelines has shown that our drinking water is safe and meets and exceeds all federal and state requirements.
The 2021 Drinking Water Quality Report is now available.  To view the 2021 Drinking Water Quality Report and learn more about your drinking water, visit us at www.yorkwater.com/ccr.pdf.  This report contains important information about the source and quality of your drinking water.
The York Water Company no longer mails printed copies of the report to all of our customers.  If, however, you would like a hard copy of the report, please email us at customer.service@yorkwater.com and provide your name and address.

Due to COVID-19 Pandemic, our Directory and Map has come out very late. It was due to be out in 2020. Our apologies ahead of time and thank you for your understanding as some information will be different beginning in 2022.

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