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Night Work at Garrod Farm – Hillwood Trade 83 North Project

The Township has been notified on behalf of the Contractor, Hillwood Construction, that beginning the week of June 21st  (Monday night into Tuesday), night-work will commence for pouring of concrete at the property most commonly known as Garrod Farm, located at the corner of Locust Point Road and Canal Road Extended.

The pours will start at midnight, but crews will be arriving on site 1-1.5 hours ahead of time to prepare for the pours/machines. Hillwood Construction plans to pour 4-5 nights per week and this is expected to continue through the end of September (weather dependent).

During these pours there will be approximately 100 concrete truck deliveries. These trucks will have back up alarms and unfortunately due to OSHA requirements Hillwood Construction cannot silence these. Their crews will be made up of approximately 15 men on site. They will park close to the Lot 1 pad (furthest lot away from the road) to minimize any excess noise for the neighbors. Crews have also been instructed to orientate their light towers in ways to minimize excess light from leaving the site.

Thank you for your understanding and patience during this time.